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ONIVA Creative combines words, images and videos to create powerful digital and print content. Drawing on years of experience working on a variety of projects — interior proposals and high-end bespoke brochures through to custom websites, our friendly and dependable team is ready to deliver a personalised and refined project.


Below are a selection of articles published in leading luxury superyacht magazines along with examples of brochures, yacht profiles and brand presentations that we have created together with our clients to deliver a powerful and concise message to their target audience.

Geese flying by Andrew Johansson



ONIVA Creative is a division of Oniva, headed by photojournalist and former editor of the luxury magazine SuperyachtDesign, Andrew Johansson. Drawing on over a decade of experience within the luxury market, ONIVA Creative has a solid base from which to achieve your goals.

From single interviews and business profiles to events and product spotlights,
ONIVA Creative strives to shine a light on discovering what makes people do what they do and where their passions have taken them. Photography and video, reinforced by words, are the most powerful way to convey a unique story. 




ONIVA Creative works on any size project, from top end luxury interiors and office spaces to marketing material for sales and building projects.