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Gresham Yacht Design is a London-based design studio that provides exterior design services within the luxury yachting sector. ONIVA Creative provides ongoing marketing, social media, post-production video editing, website content management, business support and strategy services.

One of the main objectives set was to plan and execute ways in which to capitalise on the projects it produces. Tasks have included updating all its marketing and social media strategies and in the planning and execution of a new website for the studio, producing new copy, images and videos.


Gresham Yacht Design wanted a website that would stand out from the usual sites seen within the Superyacht industry. With the aim of presenting mainly video content, we were tasked with designing and mapping a website that would deliver an interactive platform to show off the design studio's many designs in an engaging and simple way. We continue to update the studio's website with fresh content on a regular basis. View

Corporate Brochure

In time for the inaugural Monaco Yacht Show, ONIVA Creative was tasked with producing a corporate brochure for Gresham Yacht Design. Working with trusted third parties, we managed the complete production and distribution of the brochure and supplied all the copywriting and proof read. View Brochure

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Marketing   |   PR   |   Social Media

ONIVA Creative provides ongoing marketing, PR and social media support to Gresham Yacht Design. Services provided include the creation of advertising material for print and online, content creation and strategy across all social media channels, and the creation and distribution of press releases. We also engage with the press to promote and elevate the design studio within the superyacht industry. 

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Video Post-production

Gresham Yacht Design uses a variety of mediums to present its designs. One of the most powerful of these is video. ONIVA Creative does all the post-production of its videos to deliver powerful content through the use of careful story telling, balanced sound effects, emotive music and powerful narration where appropriate. Watch some of our productions here.

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